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The FLC Advantage
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Experienced, Employee-Driven Building Company in Rochester, NY

Fingerlakes Construction has provided our customers with a highly-trained team of builders and contractors for all your construction needs in Rochester, New York for over half a century. That’s because, at FLC, our builders and contractors have an added layer of pride and professionalism in our projects' craftsmanship. Each of our employees carries the blue-collar spirit that built this company in the 1960s and has grown it ever since.

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Buildings that work for you

FLC project estimators will listen to your needs and use our 50+ years of construction experience to create a plan for a building that works for you. We're a construction company that will work with you to develop a flexible scope of work. We can provide a turn-key service or just portions of the project, depending on how you want the scope to be defined.

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The key to a successful project is communication. You speak; we listen and respond. It is important to us to provide you with quick responses to your questions/needs as well as to provide you with updates for your project as it moves through the process.

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Project Engineering

Your building's components will be designed to meet/exceed the structural requirements of the international building code and are detailed in our construction drawings to communicate your building's plan to the construction crews, vendors, and code officials. Not every project has the exact design load requirements, so we must review your project’s location and use it to determine your building component sizes. A building column size for one building may need to be more prominent for another.

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Permitting Process

We help you navigate the process of obtaining your project's building permit by submitting the application and construction drawings to your local code officials.

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FLC stands behind its installation and products. If something happens to go wrong during the construction process, we will be there to make it right. We also have a (5) year roof leak warranty along with manufacturer warranties for building columns (50yr), metal roofing & siding (40yr), and more.

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