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Barndominiums are becoming a popular place to live. Have yours built by a reliable and experienced company.

Build Your Barndominium in Rochester, New York

When real estate developer Karl Nislen coined the term “barndominium” in 1989, he likely didn’t realize how popular the living space would become. Originally used to identify a property where people lived alongside their horses, people are now renovating existing barns and building new ones to live in full-time. This country-style rural oasis has become extremely popular, and Fingerlakes Construction is one of the best in New York at making these western domiciles.

You deserve to live a quiet yet luxurious life. Our barndominiums are highly-rated, affordable, and perfect for you and your family. So whether turning your barn into your home or building a barndominium from scratch, Fingerlakes Construction can set you up for success.

Live the Country Life

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Living in a barndominium is as simple as it gets while also allowing residents to experience any modern-day luxuries they desire. You can connect with nature and have more privacy and space, all for a cheaper cost of living than a traditional home in a residential area. Living in a barndominium built by Finglerlakes Construction will be a peaceful, almost surreal experience. You will wake up every morning to the calming sounds of the countryside. Experience your country oasis by having us build a bandominium for you.

Barndominium FAQs

How long does it take to build a barndominium?
The time before living in your new barndominium varies from project to project. However, if you call us and describe your ideal home, we can provide an accurate timeline before completion.
What is the life expectancy of a barndominium?
Just as typical barns were designed to remain durable and functional for years to come, barndominiums are constructed in the same way. Barndominiums are usually built to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. Your barndominium will have this lifespan and can last well over 100 years.
Do barndominiums hold their value?
While a crash in the housing market will cause even mansions to lose their value, a barndominium is one of the more reliable types of houses a homeowner can buy. Their durable nature, unique living style, and rural location lead them to be great investments. Especially when they are well-built with modern amenities from a company like Fingerlakes Construction.
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