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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll Answer All Your Building & Construction Questions

How much does it cost to build a garage?
New garage construction will vary from project to project, but with Fingerlakes Construction owning all process steps, we can lower our clients' costs.
How much value does a garage add to a house?
A new garage adds anywhere from 64% to 81% return on investment or an estimated $20,000 to $35,000 in home value.
Does a detached garage add value to my home?
Yes! A detached garage can see an approximate 65% return on investment for resellers and a comparable increase in home value.
How long does it take to build a barndominium?
The time before living in your new barndominium varies from project to project. However, if you call us and describe your ideal home, we can provide an accurate timeline before completion.
What is the life expectancy of a barndominium?
Think about how old barns can be. They are durable structures made to protect animals that are way stronger than us. Your barndominium will have this lifespan and can last well over 100 years.
Do barndominiums hold their value?
Barndominiums are phenomenal investments! A well-built barndominium, especially one with modern features, will appreciate over time. Given their durability, you’ll see a decent increase in value over the years.
What is commercial construction?
Commercial construction is building or renovating a property for a business tenant.
Where are my commercial buildings manufactured, and where will the components come from?
Your building is manufactured at our facility in Newark, New York. FLC is a single-source provider.
Will my commercial property meet building codes?
Our experience and knowledge of structural building codes keep our building safe and compliant. Unlike other providers, an FLC building is always engineered to meet structural code as a complete package.
What is a municipal building?
A municipal building is any building that belongs to a town council. Common examples of these include fire houses, police stations, and government buildings.
What are the types of agricultural buildings?
Fingerlakes Construction offers both post-frame and solid core buildings. We can help you determine which is the better fit for your needs.
What are the types of dairy facilities?
We can construct freestall barns, parlors and holding areas, intensive care and young stock, and commodity and solar open fronts. Any type of dairy construction you need, we can build it.
What are the types of equestrian buildings?
We have award-winning and nationally recognized horse barns, second-floor lofts, custom-designed stalls, and state-of-the-art riding arenas. Your horses will be living in comfort built by Fingerlakes Construction
What is a mini warehouse?
A mini warehouse is a storage facility divided into individualized compartments. Most commonly found in self-storage companies.
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