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Municipal Construction
A team you can trust, we’ll offer a reliable and cost-effective solution to your project.

Upgrading Rochester's Municipal Buildings for Over 50 Years

For over 50 years, Fingerlakes Construction has been working with local governments on various building projects, from fire stations to municipal buildings. A new government building adds pride to a community, so preventing them from aging can become a responsibility for the community. With a new building from us, you’ll modernize your city and work in a building with a longer lifespan than your current structure.

Our experience has also taught us how to work hand-in-hand with local governments. We understand the importance of a tight deadline and strict budgets with projects paid by local taxes. We’ll handle all your requests during construction while delivering a building with unmatched quality in the area.

Company For The People

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As a politician, you are for the people. As an employee-driven company, we are the people and work for the people. With each employee having pride in our company, an extra amount of care comes with each finished job. Add in the fact that many of our employees are also residents of the Fingerlakes; we have an ever-large abundance of pride in our jobs for our communities.

FAQs About Municipal Construction

What is a municipal building?
A municipal building is any building that belongs to a town council. Commonly these buildings include city centers, police stations, firehouses, and libraries. Fingerlakes Construction has experience in all these areas and can help your municipality with a new building today.
What is commercial construction? How is it different from municipal construction?
Commercial construction is building or renovating a property for a business tenant. This differs from municipal construction as commercial buildings are privately owned while municipal buildings are government owned. Regardless, both forms still get the same hands-on care and attention from Fingerlakes Construction.
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