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Agricultural Construction
We offer high-quality homes for your horses, farm animals, and crops.

Agricultural Construction to Your Specifications in Rochester, NY

You have a unique vision of the building best suited for your purposes, and we listen to your words. Since 1969 Fingerlakes Construction has approached every project with unique designs and not cookie-cutter solutions. We sit down and talk with you to gather your input before we even commit an idea to paper, much less a shovel to the ground. We start building when you're satisfied that our plan fits your plans. And the structure you have in mind will soon follow.

So whether your upgrade is for dairy, agricultural, or equestrian, we can provide you with a unique new structure on your property. We have our signature horse barns for your equestrian building and many different types of barns for your dairy cows. Whatever you may need, Fingerlakes Construction can provide for you.

Why go with a post-frame building?

Expert Agricultural Construction | Rochester, NY | FLC - Agriculture-image

Fingerlakes Construction is proud to offer post-frame buildings. Post-frame is great for unheated storage where environmental and comfort concerns are limited. FLC is experienced in various agricultural, equestrian, and dairy buildings. We provide the best structure for your property.

FAQs About Agricultural Construction

What is the definition of agricultural construction?
A structure designed and constructed to house farm implements, hay, grain, poultry, livestock or other horticultural products. It’s important to understand the difference between agricultural and residential construction as different communities may have specific building codes between the two services.
What are the types of dairy facilities?
We can construct freestall barns, parlors and holding areas, intensive care and young stock, and commodity and solar open fronts. It doesn’t matter the scope or size of the dairy building you need, we can provide it for you.
What are the types of equestrian buildings?
We offer award-winning and nationally recognized horse barns, second-floor lofts, custom-designed stalls, and state-of-the-art riding arenas. Our equestrian buildings have been our staple for over 50 years of business. We’ll provide you with a world-class area for your horses.
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